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70% are either “not engaged” or “actively disengaged”           – 2012 Gallup poll on American employees

Hiring is the FASTEST and LEAST EXPENSIVE way to increase your company’s talent and get more employee engagement.american eagle with flag

High impact hiring is essential  to the future success of your company.  At Accent on Success, we work with senior executives (CEOs, COOs, Sales Executives and senior HR professionals) to improve on your company’s existing selection process.

Is your company’s employee engagement higher or lower than Gallup’s figure?  If you could positively change that by just 10% how would that impact sales, profits, customer service, etc.?  

Do you have 20 – 30 minutes for a confidential discussion on how to make your hiring a competitive advantage?  I’m not sure we can help your company, but in that amount of time we can both determine if there is a “fit.”

We can help your company reach the NEXT LEVEL.

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