Life Coaching For Managers & Individuals







We are pleased to announce that Carole Hale-Bishop has joined Accent On Success as a Life Coach and Reiki Master, working with both corporate and personal clients.

You may ask, “Why in the world do I need a life coach?”  Glad you asked.  We will work together to gain positive results in the following areas (but not limited to):

  • Setting and achieving goals and objectives
  • Succeeding in your career choice
  • Building solid relationships
  • Knowing your authentic self and living your authentic life
  • Knocking down blocks and fear
  • Feeling empowered to attempt whatever you desire
  • Fulfilling your potential
  • Getting organized

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This is the path to YOUR SUCCESS!  Life coaching is a holistic process that has the power to balance and harmonize life.  It is not therapy or psychoanalysis, but instead closes the gap between thinking about doing something and actually doing it.  Using the “power of commitment” as the accelerator to success, the life coach’s role is to enable and empower YOU to create a personalized action plan, stick to it and accomplish specific goals.  Carole explains, “My goal is to foster a relationship of interdependence between YOU and me, based on honesty, respect and my unwavering belief in YOUR unlimited potential.  My job is to get RESULTS, RESULTS and MORE RESULTS!

Carole has an MSW, a background in counseling and has advanced certifications in substance abuse counseling, mediation/conflict resolution and Reiki. Drug addiction and substance abuse is becoming a big problem in the states, if you are addicted or know someone who needs help, please visit this article about  Her personal/corporate client experience has taken her in a multitude of directions.  She enjoys gourmet cooking, is an avid reader and loves spending time with family and friends.

Five Daily Affirmations

I am amazing.                Ikagi

I can do anything.

Positivity is a choice.

I celebrate my individuality.

I am prepared to succeed.