Integrity Test

Avoid Costly Hiring Mistakes


Will the job applicant be a hard working, dependable employee?

The Step One Survey II (SOS) is a pre-employment, integrity assessment that helps employers protect the company’s assets against theft, fraud, embezzlement, and inefficiency.  This integrity assessment is used as a screening tool early in the candidate selection process.  The Step One Survey™ (SOS) develops targeted structured interview questions and measures an individual’s basic work-related values.

The U.S. Chamber of Commerce says employee theft contributes to a third of  all business failures.

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This integrity test will help your managers and supervisors reduce employee absenteeism, workman’s comp claims and work ethic issues. With the Step One Survey™  you will have more employees giving you an honest day’s work for an honest days’ pay.

“Integrity tests can also be valid measures of overall job performance. This is not surprising because integrity is strongly related to conscientiousness, itself a strong predictor of overall job performance.”  USA Office of Personnel Management
This pre-employment assessment addresses the employee hiring challenges that are eroding companies’ productivity and profitability.  Below you will find information about what this integrity test measure, benefits, where the Step One Survey™ (SOS) is used, and the features of this pre-employment assessment.

The Step One Survey II™  is Used for:

• Structured interview questions
• Reducing employee theft and fraud
• Remote branches – local hiring decisions but with increased headquarters oversight
• Reducing loss of confidential information, trade secrets, data
• Reducing drug testing costs
• Reducing absenteeism and tardiness
• Selecting honest hard working employees who show up for work , ready to work
• Increasing productivity and profits 

“Integrity tests are one of the most common psychological predictors of counterproductive work behaviors used in personnel selection”
-Dr. Chris Berry, psychology professor at Wayne State University    


• Measures a candidate’s views on work ethic, reliability, and views on substance abuse and  theft (time, data, and property)
• 20 minutes to take
• Internet scoring
• 100% Internet (paper and pencil are available if needed)
• Reports are delivered three minutes after the candidate hits “Submit”
• Include targeted interview questions
• Available in Spanish and French Canadian
• Validation studies – 1996, 1997,  1998, 1999, 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008

This is a simple, accurate, and inexpensive candidate survey that will give important pre-employee information about an applicant. It should go without saying that companies should do rigorous drug testing, reports on will enlighten anyone thinking otherwise.  Using this integrity test, the Step One Survey™, you will have more honest, dependable and hard-working drug free employees.

• Promptness
• Conscientious use of time and company resources
• High productivity
• Property and proprietary data
• Dependability
• Employee loyalty
• Assessment should never be used as a no-no-go gauge.  They provide valuable information that can be added to the interview results, employment history, education, etc. to make an informed hiring decision.