Skills Tests

In an interview everyone is an EXPERT.  But, do they have the skills to do the job?

Now you can test their real (not imagined) skills. We have skills tests for:

Skill Fit

Microsoft Office

Clerical Abilities

Computer Skills


Call Center



Light Industrial Skills

Profiles International provides over 1,500 Skills Tests to measure essential knowledge and skills employees need to succeed in a job.

We can also customize a skills test to your specific needs.

We use powerful technologies, such as performance based testing, which simulates popular software products like Microsoft Office, to ensure accurate, reliable results. Our skills tests cover software skills, clerical skills, and call center skills, as well as skills necessary for accounting and finance, medical, nursing, legal, industrial, computer literacy, retail, food services, information technology, staffing and human resources.

Catalog and sample reports

Why Use Them?

It has been estimated that more than 50 percent of people lie on their resumes. Your hiring managers need to know for certain if a candidate can actually do what they say they can do. This can be especially important in jobs where there is little or no training time available. Skills tests may also be used to measure a current employee. Knowing the gap between an employee’s current capability and what’s required to do a job helps prioritize and target training and development investment.

How do the Profiles Skills Tests work?

Our clients deliver Profiles Skills Tests to their candidates over the Internet. The powerful test-management system allows a test administrator to control a multi-tier network of testing stations with the capability of controlling testing, reporting and billing from a central location. If you set up a testing account for your organization, you can deliver tests in three ways:

  1. A testing workstation at your operation
  2. Email an applicant an eTickets to take a skills test(s) over the Internet
  3. Create links on your own Web site that will launch a Profiles Skills Test, turning your Web site into a powerful testing portal.

Catalog and sample reports

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