Change Your Attitude About Change

July 1st, 2010   •   Comments Off on Change Your Attitude About Change   

The world is changing. The changes will be rapid, constant and revolutionary. We can’t stop it.

At best, we can slow it down a little. But, change will be coming from all directions and at speeds we have never seen before. If rapid change is inevitable then how can we prepare for it?

Seven Ways to Look at Change:

1. Today’s change is tomorrow’s norm.

2. Change is as good or as bad as you make it.

3. If you are a change oriented leader expect others to paint a bull’s eye on your back and then shoot arrows at you.

4. Substitute the word “growth” for “change.” It will revolutionize your perspective about new things.

5. “When patterns are broken, new worlds emerge.”…..
Tuli Kupferberg

6. “Change is a challenge and an opportunity, not a threat.” ……
Prince Phillip of England

7. If you can’t control the changing event, change how you react to it.

By changing our attitude toward it and insuring that the changes make things better and not just faster.

By changing our attitude toward it we can make the change in our section of the world better – not just faster.

Our personal attitude toward change will ultimately determine our destiny.

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