Increasing Sales

THE 80/20 RULE …..Why do 20% of your sales people produce 80% of your sales?????

There is an answer.  You can measure your sales team and receive objective, 3rd party information about each sales person that has been validated to over 250,000 sales people.

The Profiles Sales Assessment™ provides important information on thinking stylebehavioral characteristics and occupational interests    for current team members and candidates.

Sample Graph  We can send you a sample report or give you a complementary assessment for your review.

Compare Your Current Assessment  Easy to use form to compare your current assessment to the Profiles Sales Assessment™

The Profiles Sales Assessment™ helps you to clearly identify the shared characteristics of your current top performers and build an easy to implement job benchmark for future selection, training,  coaching and mentoring.

Profiles Sales Assessment™ Overview:

(If you currently use an assessment for sales, use the form below to compare.)

1.) Thinking and reasoning Yes
2.) Behavioral traits Yes
3.) Motivational interests Yes
4.) 20 Performance indicators Yes
5.) 7 critical sales behaviors
  • • prospecting
  • • closing the sale
  • • call reluctance
  • • self-starting
  • • working on a team
  • • building and maintaining relationships
  • • compensation preference
6.) Develops top performers patterns Yes
7.) Validated to over 250,000 people Yes
8.) Results sent instantly Yes
9.) % probability of a successful match Yes
10.) Coaching and mentoring suggestions Yes

Key Benefits of the Top Sales Performers Job Benchmark(s):

  • Increase your sales by adding more top performers to your team
  • Compare other sales team members to the benchmark
  • Make better decisions about where/how to invest training dollars
  • Reduce sales force turnover
  • Developed specific benchmarks for your company
  • Hire more people who match your top performers pattern
  • Develop strategic succession planning

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Sample Graph (graph only) We can send you a sample report or give you a complementary assessment for your review.

Compare Your Current Assessment