Gearing Up for Growth

September 18th, 2012   •   Comments Off on Gearing Up for Growth   

How do you know you are in a rut?  Take a look at the differences between accidental and intentional growth.

Accidental Growth

Intentional Growth

Plans to start tomorrow Insists on starting today
Waits for growth to come Takes complete responsibility to grow
Learns only from mistakes Often learns before mistakes
Depends on growth Relies on hard work
Quits early and often Perseveres long and hard
Falls into bad habits Fights for good habits
Talks big Follows through
Plays it safe Takes risks
Thinks like a victim Thinks like a learner
Relies on talent Relies on character
Stops learning after graduation Never stops growing

John Maxwell, leadership expert

Part of leadership expert, John Maxwell’s article in the Sept, 2012 of Success Magazine


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