17 Foot Purple Giraffe

September 18th, 2012   •   Comments Off on 17 Foot Purple Giraffe   

Why Mark Burnett, a Brit and the Executive Producer for Survivor, The Apprentice and The Voice never wants to stop looking for the 17 foot giraffe.  he tell this story:

At am imaginary party attended by Americans and British guests.   Someone mentions that there’s a17 foot purple giraffe wandering in the backyard.  The Americans jump to take a look while the British remain seated, knowing there’s no way such a fantasy creature could be cruising outside their window.   After the Americans take a peek ans see nothing, they laugh at themselves, realizing how preposterous a purple giraffe sighting would be.

“The reason Brits miss a lot of things is that they are not willing to look for the purple giraffe, because they think it is foolish” says Burnett….. But, one day there will be, and I never to be the person who sits onhis ass and doesn’t look for the purple giraffe.”

Part of an article in the Sept, 2012 of Success Magazine about Mark Burnett


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